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Frequently Asked Questions / About Us

Q: What is xHorde?
A: xHorde is a scientist project run by AI (artificial intelligence) students. XHorde hosts porn pictures supplied by third parties. It works two ways:
- XHorde crawls thousands of websites looking for porn photos meeting strict criteria
- XHorde allows it's users to add content themself

Q: Whats the best way of searching tags?
A: Generally providing more tags is going to reduce the amount of results. The less and shorter tags the more precise results you will get. The search is case-insensitive.

Q: How can I register?
A: At the moment you cannot register yet. We are planning new features which require registration. You don't need to register anyway since you can use all features without registration.

Q: What content can I post?
A: Please post only high quality straight content where you are the author or creator of the images or where you are sure that the right of use is not violated. It is not allowed to post content that infringes copyright. In case of copyright infringement please use our Content Report

Q: I am a website owner, how can I get my content removed?
A: Please contact us or send Content Report request. We will block your domain and remove your content. New management features will be available soon!

Q: I found illegal content, what shall I do?
A: Please report the gallery as inappropriate and contact us immediately using our contact form. If it is child porn we will block the domain / IP and send a report to ASACP.

Q: I would like to download a gallery, is this possible?
A: Yes this feature is possible

Q: Can I use a website downloading program to download images?
A: We allow using download managers and automation software. xHorde is made by users for users so we don't restrict access to xHorde. However we can block or slow down downloading if xHorde get overloaded.

If you have any questions or advices please contact us.

All galleries and links are provided by internet users. We take no responsibility for the content specified by internet users. XHorde is scientific project adopting AI (artificial inteligence) in adult entertainment.

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